New Location

After more than 50 years operating in Chico, CA, North State Hulling Cooperative has outgrown its Miller Avenue facility. While located on the urban fringe of Chico, the noise, dust and truck traffic generated during harvest months adversely impacts the current neighborhood. The hulling & shelling lines are over 40-years old; the electric system is outdated. And, with limited capacity at the Miller Ave. site, North State is only able to hull and shell half its Members’ almond acres.
After unanimous decision by the board in 2018 the Cooperative has acquired 477 acres on Highway 32 near Hamilton City, CA. The huller/sheller will sit on a 50-acre industrial zoned parcel with space for value-added processing facilities and five parcels on highway frontage set aside for Ag partners or food manufacturers. Over 100 additional acres are devoted to stockpile storage on well-drained soil extending North State’s harvest season. A biochar facility and truck and trailer maintenance facilities are also planned along with extensive space for biomass storage.

Board of Directors

  • John Erickson, President
  • Tom Knowles, Vice President
  • Doug Bentz, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jerry Montz
  • Greg Overton
  • Steve Prentice
  • Greg Sohnrey


Mayo Ryan
General Manager
Tara McDavitt
Assistant General Manager
Rebecca Dennis
Grower/Member Relations Manager
Kami Duntsch
Human Resources Manager
Travis Vanella
Site Operations Manager
Rudy Esqueda
Plant Manager